Learn 4 Life Newsletter 14th June 2024

Dear Parents, Carers, and Students,

I am thrilled to share some of the wonderful achievements and activities that have taken place at our school recently. Our students have demonstrated exceptional dedication, enthusiasm, and community spirit, and I could not be prouder of them.

Congratulations on Final Exams! 

First and foremost, a massive congratulations to all our students who have completed their final exams. Your hard work and perseverance have paid off, and I am confident that your results will reflect your efforts. Well done to every one of you!

Engagement in Lessons It has been fantastic to see such high levels of engagement in lessons. Our teachers have been impressed with your participation and enthusiasm, and it is clear that you are all committed to your learning. Keep up the magnificent work as we head into the final weeks of the term.

Escape Room Adventure 

We recently had a fun and challenging visit to the local escape rooms. The students worked together to solve puzzles and complete the escape in record time. It was a wonderful opportunity for team building and developing problem-solving skills, and everyone had a fantastic time.

Food Tech Fun: Vegetable Curry in Food Tech, our students have been busy cooking up a storm. This week, they made a delicious vegetable curry that was both nutritious and tasty. It is great to see them applying their culinary skills and learning about healthy eating.

Golf in PE Lessons Our PE lessons have introduced the students to the basics of golf. The students have enjoyed learning new skills and practicing their swings. It has been a great way to develop coordination and focus, and we’ve seen some budding golfers among us!

School Renovations A big shout out to Tina and Sam for their hard work in starting the renovation of several rooms in our school. Their efforts are beginning to show, and the rooms are looking fantastic. Your dedication to improving our school environment is appreciated.

Clearing the School Grounds Another big thank you to Dan and Nathan for their help in clearing the school grounds and participating in some much-needed gardening. Your hard work has made our outdoor spaces more beautiful and welcoming for everyone.

Community Spirit The spirit of community and collaboration at our school is truly inspiring. It is wonderful to see students supporting each other and contributing to the improvement of our school. Together, we are creating a positive and nurturing environment for all.

As we continue to move through the term, let us keep up the momentum and finish strong. Thank you to all the students, staff, and parents for your continued support and dedication.

Kind Regards

James McAlpine

Head Teacher

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