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Curran Danny

Care Afloat is based within the North West of England and was established back in 1991 by its owner Danny Curran who launched us by providing just a single residential placement.  Nearly 30 years later, Care Afloat has evolved to now offer solo and small multi-bedded Residential Homes, Education, Therapy and its unique Mobile services.  We do not seek rapid expansion but prefer to concentrate our efforts on providing the highest quality care and best possible outcomes for the young people that we work with.

We are specialists in medium-long term intervention for Young People displaying complex and challenging behaviour and we aim to identify, understand and meet the needs of every individual young person in our care.

All of our services are registered and inspected by Ofsted who have consistently rated them Good or Outstanding.

Despite our name, we don’t just offer services on the water but our unique activity-based services do enable us to provide placements which offer countless opportunities for young people.  We believe that “Our strengths are our differences and our differences are our strengths” therefore we use these opportunities to promote self-esteem, build confidence and encourage meaningful relationships

Our Residential Children’s Homes are deliberately designed as small homely environments, which appear no different to other houses within the local area. All our Homes provide high staffing ratios to ensure that young people in our care feel safe and secure, whilst enabling them to develop their own individuality and independence.

We offer a holistic approach, which means; each young person’s care plan is tailored to their individual needs and is worked through at a pace that suits them. We create an atmosphere where it is ok to laugh, cry and make learning mistakes, somewhere that is non-judgemental, where each young person is given freedom of healthy expression.

We actively encourage young people to become involved decision making by enabling them to take as much responsibility as they can over their own lives thus empowering them to develop social, communication and life skills in the right surroundings.

We offer a space that is both safe and homely, with experienced staff teams, that are consistent, supportive and understanding.  Staff are fully trained in working with young people who display challenging, complex and often risky behaviours.  Our staff teams are trained in understanding the therapeutic needs of traumatised young people, so that they can work in partnership with our therapeutic provider to ensure that input and support is appropriate, consistent and effective. This process is overseen by a highly respected Consultant Clinical Psychologist.


"Since the very beginning, underpinning our work has always been a set of shared core values. Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our actions; they serve as our cultural cornerstone."






We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our young people’s lives. We are committed to ensuring young people feel safe and secure and are supported to live the lives they deserve.

We appreciate where we are today whilst striving to be better tomorrow.  We allow ourselves to enjoy the small victories while knowing we are far from the finish line.  We encourage the choice to control what we can control:  our effort and perseverance.

We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. We are honest, even if it is difficult and will strive to do the right thing for the right reasons.

We work hard to continuously improve and learn from our colleagues and from what we do. We embrace change and we develop to ensure our services are consistently the best they can be. We never give up trying and adapt our approaches as necessary.

We are Creative and Open-Minded – While we never want to be reckless, it’s important to take risks and embrace our creativity.

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