Wworks 1

Some people- who are unfamiliar with boats- may be unable to see the benefits of living onboard a narrowboat and experiencing the serenity and community that the canal network offers. But for many of our young people, Waterworks offers them an unique experience to live in an environment away from negative influences, allowing time to reflect while gaining new experiences and skills.

Waterworks is a 71’  x  6’ narrowboat, making her one of the largest boats on the Canal network of Great Britain. She was built in Steel in the Cammel Laird Ship yard  by Young People (Monk Ferry trust) in 1986. We believe she is the only floating Registered Children’s Home in the country.


The quality of the relationship which exists between adults and young people is an important element of a young persons engagement.

Waterworks staff have a readiness to listen to young people and empathise with them, respect their thoughts and feelings and take their wishes into consideration. They have the capacity to accept young people for what they are and to challenge their behaviour when necessary.

Waterworks aims to provide a child centred positive service to young people which meets individual needs. The home promotes a culture and atmosphere where everyone is treated with unconditional positive regard and the young people are encouraged to become fully involved in the boating community and undertake qualifications enabling them to assist in the operation of Waterworks. Their involvement is essential to the daily running of the vessel and they are given opportunities to gain new skills which will be transferable to all areas of their lives.

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