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Care Afloat owns and operates a German designed and built 'BAVARIA' Offshore Cruising Yacht with up to 8 berths.

The yacht’s name is 'PRILIKA' (Croatian for ‘Opportunity’), reflecting our commitment to offering young people new experiences for personal development.

We can operate the yacht year-round with regular maintenance periods set into the yacht’s programme.  Though capable of sailing much further afield, normally, Prilika is sailed in and around the Clyde area, West coast of Scotland and the Irish Sea. 

The yacht is currently based in James Watt Dock Marina, Greenock, Scotland

The emphasis of using Prilika is on the active participation in all aspects of sailing by everyone on board and particularly our young people.  This includes living and working on board the yacht as an active and full member of the yachts crew in accordance with the Yacht Skippers instructions.

Young People who have the opportunity to sail on Prilika often need to develop their self-esteem while at the same time learning to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Being at sea has a focusing effect and openly encourages them to work as a team, it also provides an ideal opportunity for them (and staff) to assess their behaviour and how it can and does affect others around them.

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