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Having a consistent induction process will make sure everyone in your organisation fully understands and knows how to follow your safeguarding policies and procedures.

Make sure all new staff and volunteers:

  • have read and understand your safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures
  • know how to spot the signs that a child may be experiencing abuse
  • know how to respond appropriately if a child makes a disclosure about abuse
  • know what to do if they have concerns about a child’s wellbeing.

All staff and volunteers should complete child protection training as part of their induction – even if they say they have done this before. It’s important to make sure everyone has up-to-date knowledge and skills and understands how child protection works in your organisation.

You should also consider putting a mentoring and/or supervision process in place for new staff and/or having a probationary/trial period. This will allow concerns on either side to be raised and responded to appropriately.

Ongoing supervision and training

Supervision and training should be regular and ongoing. This gives everyone a chance to reflect on and improve their child protection practice and keeps safeguarding at the front of their minds.

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