Safer recruitment involves using a wide range of interview techniques and safety checks during the interview process. It is geared towards any organisation working with children, including young people up until the age of 18 or adults at risk of harm.

This course will help you understand the importance of choosing staff who are not just qualified to work with children and young people at risk but who have impeccable ethics and moral standards.

Safer recruitment is a set of principles and practices which an organisation or employer should apply to ensure that their employees and volunteers are suitable to work with vulnerable people, i.e., children.

It’s an essential part of creating a positive and secure space in which children and young people can learn and be cared for in an environment where they can be kept safe from danger or harm.

Every business, organisation, school or club that involves the care of children should impose a practice of safer recruitment.

This means that there is a need to have safer recruitment policies to safeguard this vulnerable group and ensure their welfare. The policy needs to protect them from people who’s intentions are to prey on them or who do not have the emotional stability or temperament to work with them.

This course will guide you through relevant legislation and good practise when employing the right staff.

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